Woolworths Rewards hacks: how to earn over 5x the standard Qantas points rewards and a 5% discount on every supermarket shop
Woolworths Rewards is the loyalty program of several Woolworths companies and many (but not all) Caltex Petrol stations. However if you just stick to the basics of the program at 1 point per dollar spent at Woolworths, you are unlikely to get much of a benefit from the program. There are ways to hack the system to improve your average Qantas points haul by 5 times the standard rewards rate, while also getting a 5% discount on every shop.

Rewards for shopping at Woolworths: the basics
As mentioned above, you earn one Woolworths Rewards point per dollar spent. For every 2,000 points earned, these can be converted to a $10 voucher or 870 Qantas points. Depending on which option you choose, this translates to 50 cents per $100 spent for those redeeming the vouchers or 43.5 cents per $100 for Qantas points (we value Qantas points at 1 cent each for convenience but their worth can vary depending on how you redeem them). Most households spend an average of around $10,000 per year at supermarkets. In the end, this translates to just $50 in vouchers or 4,350 Qantas frequent flyer points. Or in round numbers, about $1 per week. Those 4,350 Qantas points are not that great either, considering you need 8,000 points, plus taxes, for a basic one way ticket such as between Melbourne and Sydney.

It is possible to get 5x the regular Qantas points at Woolworths and a 5% discount on every shop. This greatly accelerates your savings and ability to earn extra Qantas points. So, how is it done?

Earning more than 5X the basic Qantas points
For every $100 spent at Woolworths, you get 43.5 Qantas points if that is your preferred Woolworths Rewards option. To boost that rate, you can use the Woolworths offer via the Qantas Online Mall here new window. Using this link will see you earning 2 Qantas points for every dollar spent (which go straight into your Qantas account and not via Woolworths Rewards), plus you also get the regular Woolworths Rewards points when you click through to the Woolworths site and complete your shopping. For a spend of $100 this means you earn 200 points from Qantas and 43.5 points from Woolworths Rewards. The total is 243.5 Qantas points versus 43.5 points through using just Woolworths Rewards. For those who enjoy the maths, this means for every dollar you spend, you receive 2.435/0.435 which equals 5.6x the normal rate.

Woolworth and Qantas

The downsides are you can't use this hack by simply going in-store and it requires a $30 minimum spend. However it does apply to home deliveries over $30. Better yet for those who would rather not have home delivery, many Woolworths stores offer free same day pick up. That means you simply order online and go into your nominated store to collect your groceries. If that is still not suitable you can opt instead to earn a 5% discount on your entire shop in-store by following the next hack.

Get a 5% discount every time you shop at Woolworths
This hack can be can be used either during online or in-store shopping. It uses a discount that allows you to buy Woolworths eGift cards at a 5% discount online through a process detailed below. Following these steps will save 5% on almost any member of the Woolworths group and covers things such as supermarket shopping, buying alcohol at BWS or petrol at Caltex-Woolworths stations (for more details on this last item, see Earn a 10% discount when buying Caltex petrol).

To earn a 5% discount, you purchase a gift card for yourself via the Cashrewards site. By using this technique, you buy Woolworths eGift cards with an instant 5% discount. For example, you will pay $95 for a card worth $100. Cashrewards is a site where they earn commission on sales directed through them. The advantage for using Cashrewards is they share some of that commission back with you. Simply log into Cashrewards, or sign-up here with a free $5 credit new window. After logging in, search Cashrewards for 'Woolworths' and find the 'Woolworths Gift Card' option. Click 'Shop Now' and you will be redirected to the Woolworths Gift Card site. Purchase your Woolworths eGift card at the 5% discount. Note you should select eGift card (and not Gift Card) as this way it will be emailed to you, rather than sent through the post which attracts additional charges.

And that's it, you now have a 5% discount on all your purchases. Plus you still earn Woolworths Rewards points on anything you buy with the eGift card.

Caltex Woolworths
Save 5% by purchasing a Woolworths eGift card via Cashrewards.

Stacking the offers
The Qantas Mall site has some fine print that seems to suggest you can't use both techniques together. It reads "Qantas points will not be earned on the purchase of gift cards or orders redeemed with a gift card. Qantas points may not be awarded on any voucher, coupon or discount code that is not sourced from the Online Mall platform."

Interestingly, the language is quite vague, contradictory and it uses 'may not' rather than 'will not', and doesn't specify what type of gift cards are excluded. After the introduction of this program in 2018, there were significant delays before points appeared in Qantas accounts from various online mall partners, including Woolworths. It took some months but in testing, we eventually found that it worked by combining both Woolworths eGift cards and Qantas Mall to earn the discount and the extra Qantas points. Even if there is some change or clarification down the track, the reality is that it's only an extra click and login, plus it won't jeopardise the discount on the Woolworths site by using the eGift card.

Also worth noting is that regardless of whether you choose the 5% discount, 2 points per dollar, or both, you are still entitled to the basic rate of 1 Woolworths Reward point per dollar spent, plus any other points bonus offers Woolworths have sent to you via email. As an extra sweetener, if you spend over $30 you'll also qualify to receive the regular petrol discount voucher of 4 cents per litre.

The benefits
Using the average of $10,000 a year spent on groceries, the eGift cards will save $500 while also earning the basic Woolworths Rewards benefit of 4,350 Qantas frequent flyer points (or an extra $50 in vouchers). Using the Woolworths link via Qantas Mall will earn an additional 20,000 Qantas points. Valuing the Qantas points at 1 cent and combining the offers, the total value of benefits range from $743.50 to $750 per year. This compares to earning either $50 in vouchers or 4,350 Qantas points worth $43.50, a difference of $700.