Virgin promo code: save over 10% on Virgin airfares using these two simple tips
If you are contemplating a flight on Virgin Australia, there is a simple way to get a cheaper fare by using the promo code below. The discounts vary from month to month but typically range from 5-10%, but are not always available. The discount applies to most domestic fares, except for the heavily discounted Virgin 'Go' economy fares. The exact amount of the discount available through the promo code is dependent on five factors:

  • Class of travel
  • Fare type within the class
  • Destination (domestic, New Zealand, elsewhere)
  • Code share flights.
  • Time between booking and flying

    The discount comes off the base fare and not the surcharges or taxes, hence the exact percentage discount may seem to be slightly higher on some domestic routes where the base fare is a larger part of the overall total price. The easiest way to see the level of discount a promo code will generate is to enter it into the promo box on the Virgin home page.

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    The promo code box is under the details you enter when booking a flight.

    Using the promo code still entitles you to credit card points, frequent flyer points (if applicable to the fare), and a further discount if you double-dip both Cashrewards and the promo code. More details on this technique are shown below.

    Current Virgin promo code
    Promo code: No offers currently
    There are still ways to save money on the listed price for Virgin fares. While not as significant as the promo codes, you can still save around 1.5-3% by following the instructions under Five ways to earn benefits when booking Virgin flights (see point 4, 'The Skim').

    Previous Virgin promo codes
    Promo code: RSX79
    Expiry: book by Jan 31, 2018
    Discount: 5-10% off the base fare, ranging from 5% for Economy to 10% for Business class
    Applies to: Elevate and Getaway Economy, Premium Economy, Business on both domestic and international fares
    Restrictions: book a minimum 20 days before flying

    To earn the discount from the promo code, you must book directly on the Virgin site (or via the Virgin web site link in Cashrewards). Third party bookings via travel agents or web sites such Expedia or Flybuys Travel will not earn the discount.

    Increase your discount with Cashrewards
    On top of the discount you receive through using the promo code (or even if your airfare doesn't qualify for the discount), you can save another 1.4 to 2% by using Cashrewards. Log into Cashrewards or sign-up here for free for a $5 credit new window, and search for Virgin. Cashrewards is a site where they earn commission on sales directed through them. The advantage for using them is they share some of that commission back with you. The prices you pay for flights on the Virgin site are still the same whether you go through by clicking Cashrewards or directly to Virgin, but you get 1.4-2% of the fare as cash in your Cashrewards account. This is on top of the discount you get from the Virgin promo code shown above.

    Here is an example from January 2018 using Sydney to Cairns and the January 2018 promo code of 5-10% off the base fare:

    Normal price on Virgin site: $215
    With promo code: $205.77
    Cashrewards: $2.88 cash back
    Total cost: $202.89 (saving $13.11 or 6.1%)

    Normal price on Virgin site: $902
    With promo code: $814.84
    Cashrewards: $11.44 cash back
    Total cost: $803.40 (saving $98.60 or 10.9%)

    If you are new to Cashrewards and earn up the sign-up bonus via the link above, that will save another $5 off either fare.

    Our test: January 5, 2018 Sydney to Cairns, no promo code (top) versus Virgin with January's promo code discount (bottom). Note the discounts in the different classes and also on different days shown at the top of both. Click image to enlarge.

    Virgin promo code discount