World of Hyatt quick guide
World of Hyatt, formerly Gold Passport, has been renamed and done away with the confusing 'Gold Passport' name that lead to odd titles such as Platinum Gold Passport. The replacement is oddly worse, using terms such as Discoverist, Explorist and Globalist. It's hard to understand why someone who discovers is less ranked than someone who explores.

Other than that, it is generally fairly simple program to follow and you can opt to earn airline points instead of Hyatt points. As with other hotel loyalty programs, the airline points redeemed have less value than the Hyatt points. Frequent Flyer points are earned at a flat rate and most are around 500points per stay. This is not per night, but per stay, regardless of how many nights. Qantas is more generous at 600points (outside Australia) and 1,000 points (within Australia) per stay. Even for a single night, this translates to $6-$10 value and would be only beneficial if you were staying one night at a Hyatt and didn't intend to return. Hyatt points, if redeemed for a free night, are valued at around 10% of the amount paid or about $30 per $300 night.

In brief
Points earned per dollar: 5 per US dollar, which is 3.75 per AUD (at 1AUD=$0.75US)

Points earned per $A300 night: 1,125

Points needed for free night at same hotel: 12,000

Number of nights needed: 11

Benefit as a percentage of spend on room: 9.4% 1.1 free nights at $A300 per night and $132 in cash, or $462 in total.

Advantages: small discounts for joining and booking on the Hyatt site (1-5%), free Wi-Fi (often free to all guests), options to earn bonus points during promotions. No resort fees on free nights. Resort fees are a bugbear in the US market and you can often find yourself paying these compulsory fees at the hotel, regardless of where you paid for the room. A small benefit for a huge annoyance.

Disadvantages: Hyatt points are calculated in US dollars. This effectively cuts the earn rate to 3.75 points per Australian dollar. Points expire if there is no activity in a membership year.

The Hyatt program earns a $300 free night after 11 stays and has less value than the $462 from combination. Adding in the exclusive discount for Hyatt members will close the gap, but this amount varies depending on the booking and is difficult to quantify.

For an overview of the major hotel rewards programs, and which offer the best value, see Which hotel loyalty program should you join?