Save over 6% on any eBay purchase by combining discount offers
If you are a regular purchaser on eBay or have a big ticket item to buy from the site, it is possible to combine two different eBay hacks to save 6% or more on your purchases. Throw in a points earning credit card and this can be over 7% in total. Remember this applies regardless of what price you pay for the item.

The one downside is that it can't all be done online and will require a trip to a Woolworth store.

Why Woolworths?
There has been a hack around for a long time that allows you to buy Woolworths eGift cards at a 5% discount online through a process detailed below. This allows you to save 5% on almost any member of the Woolworths group and covers things such as supermarket shopping, buying alcohol at BWS or petrol at Caltex-Woolworths stations (for more details on this last item, see Earn a 10% discount when buying Caltex petrol).

The hack comes into play when you use that Woolworths eGift card to buy another gift card from a wide choice of other retailers such as JB Hifi, Kathmandu, Country Road or Rebel (the full list is includes over 20 retailers, available on the Woolworths site).

It works like this: buy a $100 eGift card online at Woolworths via the method shown below, but you will only pay $95 for it (5% discount). Then use that $100 eGift card to buy a $100 gift card from another retailer. For example, if you were going to buy a TV for $2,000 from JB Hifi, you would save $100.

You can also use the Woolworths eGift card to buy eBay gift cards, giving you 5% off purchases. The downside is that at the time of writing, eBay Gift cards are only available in Woolworths stores. If you already shop there or close to a store, it's not a problem. However, a special trip just to get the cards may negate the benefits you receive.

Caltex Woolworths
Save 5% by purchasing a Woolworths eGift card via Cashrewards.

Stacking offers: the second discount
As we showed in Earning points or cashback for shopping on eBay it is possible to earn Qantas points, Virgin Velocity points or a 1-2% cash back on eBay points by using Cashrewards. The exact rate for the eBay cash back varies but is usually 1%, with special offers sometimes taking it to 2% and above. Likewise Virgin and Qantas occasionally increase the points per dollar during special promotions. At minimum, the two discounts from Woolworths (5%) and Cashrewards (1%) add up to 6%.

1. The Cashrewards site is the key to getting the 6% discount. Cashrewards is a site where they earn commission on sales directed through them. The advantage for using Cashrewards is they share some of that commission back with you. Simply log into Cashrewards, or sign-up here with a free $5 credit new window.

2. Search Cashrewards for 'Woolworths' and find the 'Woolworths Gift Card' option. Click 'Shop Now' and you will be redirected to the Woolworths Gift Card site.

3. Purchase your Woolworths eGift card at the 5% discount as pictured above. Note you should select eGift card (and not Gift Card) as this way it will be emailed to you, rather than sent through the post which attracts additional charges.

4. Go to a Woolworths store and purchase your eBay gift cards with your eGift card. Make sure they are activated.

5. When it comes time to buy something on eBay, go back to Cashrewards and search for eBay. Click the 'Shop Now' button. If you'd rather earn Qantas or Virgin points instead of the 1-2% cash back, head to their respective sites. For help with this process or comparing the options, see Earning points or caskback for shopping on eBay.

6. When you checkout at eBay, you will be given the option on the payment/PayPal page to enter a promo or gift card number. It's a little hidden, down the bottom.

Finally, using a points earning credit card to buy your Woolworths eGift cards can tip in some extra value. This point is moot if you were already planning to use your credit card on eBay.

Tips and things to watch
  • Use a browser and not the eBay app.

  • First time around, this may seem like a long process and is certainly not worth the hassle for a small one-off purchase. However if you regularly purchase items on eBay or want to buy something that is more pricey, it can lead to good savings. As an extra bonus, it's not just buying from individuals where you can save 6%...

  • This hack can also let you receive a 6% discount for retailers that have an eBay presence where you can't normally use the Woolworths eGift cards hack to get the 5% discount. In effect the gift cards become a discount gateway to the retailers who also have a store on the eBay site. One example is Officeworks, owned by Woolworths' competitor Wesfarmers. Instead of shopping on the Officeworks own website, head over to their eBay and see if the same item is listed. Follow the above process and you've earned a 6% discount.

  • eBay cards expire after 12 months and you can't get a refund for any unused amount.

  • You don't have to use the gift card in a single purchase and any leftover credit will remain on the card for future purchases. Likewise if the item you purchase is more than the gift card's value, you can use multiple gift cards or combine it with other payment types. One thing you can't do is specify an amount to use on the gift card: it's either all of the card or the item's total value. eBay Gift cards are generally in denominations of $50-$100 and according to eBay you can only enter a maximum of eight gift cards on a single purchase. However, there are plenty of reports of people not encountering this issue and using 10 or more.

  • Keep your gift card until you are satisfied the item you purchased is what you expected. Refunds go back on the gift card you used.

  • Allow some time for the process. Woolworths eGift cards take 2-24 hours to be emailed and when you buy an eBay gift card at Woolworths, it may take another 24 hours to fully activate. eBay gift cards do not normally earn Woolworths Rewards points, but in the past Woolworths has offered promotions where they do earn points.