Earning more points from shopping
Both online and real world shopping can earn points towards a flight or other rewards. The most common way is to have a credit card that earns rewards. While that's a good first step, there are many ways to gain more benefits that won't cost you any extra nor will need to fill your wallet or purse with an array of loyalty cards.

Save over 6% on any eBay purchase by combining discount offers
If you are a regular purchaser on eBay or have a big ticket item to buy from the site, it is possible to combine two different eBay hacks to save 6% or more on your purchases.

How to earn 10x Flybuys at Coles without spending more
If you just stick to the basics of the Flybuys program - 1 point per dollar spent - you are unlikely to get much of a benefit from Flybuys. There are ways to hack the system to improve your average points haul by up to 10x without spending more.

How to reach the minimum spend for a credit card sign-up bonus
Part of the lure to get people to apply for credit cards is a large sign-up bonus. Even though the bonus points are valuable there is not much point trying to chase a bonus if you need to spend substantial amounts on items you may not have purchased otherwise. So what can be done?

Is it worth being loyal?
That may seems a strange question to ask on a site that highlights the benefits of loyalty programs. However, we show you how being a little disloyal can save money, earn benefits faster and make it easier to redeem points for rewards.

The best 8 ways to earn Virgin frequent flyer points without flying
How to earn Virgin frequent flyer points without needing to travel or fly. Some of these perks are quite significant, while some others seem small but the weekly purchases can slowly tip in significant amounts of points over the course of a year.

Should I get a credit card that earns rewards?
It's no secret that banks and credit card providers lure customers with promises of free rewards. The ads look enticing with flights, holidays and luxury goods as temptations to use their cards. But it's important to stop for a moment and ask, are credit card rewards programs worth it?

Earning points and cashback for shopping on eBay
For Australians shopping on eBay, there are three major options for earning benefits from purchases. The rewards are relatively small, but it is a simple case of earning extra points for just logging in and clicking a button to get the benefits.

Is the Expedia rewards program worth joining?
Expedia+ is the rewards program for booking travel through, one of the most popular site for organising travel, but how does it rewards program stack up? Is it worth joining? The short answer is probably not.

Earning frequent flyer points from travel insurance
Anyone travelling overseas will know they need to take out travel insurance and it's one cost travellers have to grin and bear. There are ways to take the sting out it, with some tips that can see rewards valued up to 12.5% of the policy price through a triple dip.

Earning frequent flyer points on Deliveroo and Menulog takeaway delivery
It's not widely known that three of the major takeaway home delivery services in Australia can see you earning frequent flyer and rewards points. The easiest ones for earning points are Deliveroo and Menulog.

Getting the most points out of buying alcohol: BWS versus Liquorland
If you want to buy some alcohol and your choice is between BWS and Liquorland, is one better than the other in terms of points and benefits earned? The answer is a definite yes. Over the course of a year, here's how to collect rewards that amount to almost a month's worth of spending.

How useful are Flybuys?
It is almost impossible to escape the nagging exposure of the major supermarket loyalty programs. From promotions in-store to their equivalent of "do you you want fries with that" at the checkout, namely "Do you have a Flybuys card?" With all this promotion, what benefits do you get from the program? More importantly how much value does it offer?

How useful are Woolworths Rewards?
The chief competitor to Flybuys, Woolworths Rewards can offer more benefits in some areas, but also be more restrictive in others. Is Woolworth Rewards better value than Flybuys and more importantly, is it any value at all?