How to earn frequent flyer points for a car service
Currently there are two Australia-wide networks with a combined total of 300 outlets that offer points for car servicing. As we show below, the earn rate is not spectacular, and therefore it is not worth specifically using these companies for points if a better deal can be found elsewhere. That being said, if you already plan to use either Midas or Kmart Tyre and Auto, this is a nice way to earn up to 3.5 points per dollar when you also use also a points earning credit card. Unfortunately for Qantas frequent flyers, there are no direct points earning options for car servicing, only Virgin's Velocity and Etihad Guest points (via Flybuys). However, for Singapore Airlines frequent flyer members, you can transfer your points from Velocity to Krisflyer and we have included the earn rate per dollar using this system. For more details on the transfer process, see Which frequent flyer program should I join?

Virgin has a direct partnership with Midas that will see you earning 2 Virgin frequent flyer points for each dollar spent (equal to 1.48 Krisflyer points). However, there are some things to watch. This only covers maintenance services and manufacturers logbook services. Some notable exclusions are repairs, parts and tyres. This means big repairs are out, which is a shame as it help take the sting out of a large repair bill. More specific details on what qualifies can be found on the Midas site New Window. To give you an idea of the value of the points earned, spending $250 on a service will earn 500 Virgin points, worth $5.

To earn the points, book your service online or by calling Midas and present your Virgin frequent flyer card at the store.

Kmart Tyre and Auto
As part of Flybuys rewards, Kmart Tyre and Auto will earn 1 Flybuys point per dollar spent. This converts to 0.435 Virgin frequent flyer points per dollar, 0.5 cents towards a discount voucher, 0.4 Etihad points, or 0.334 Krisflyer points. It is not that remarkable, but unlike Midas the entire spend will earn points. One thing of note for those wanting new tyres (which don't qualify for points at Midas), it may be worth investigating Kmart's price matching option here New Window, meaning you can get the cheapest price and points.

Overall, Kmart is certainly not worth going out of way for points, but if you are already planning to visit one of its service centres, make sure you take along your Flybuys card. Spending $250 will yield 250 Flybuys points which equates to 130 Velocity points worth $1.30.

Points are earned when you pay your bill and present your Flybuys card.

For both Midas and Kmart, don't forget to pay using a credit card that earns points. By utilising this double-dip at Midas with your credit card spend, you can earn up to 3.5 frequent flyer points per dollar. The exact amount will depend on the earning rate of your credit card. For Kmart Tyre and Auto, the likely total earn rate is a maximum of 1.93 points per dollar.