Earn frequent flyer points for Deliveroo and Menulog takeaway delivery
It's not widely known that three of the major takeaway home delivery services in Australia can see you earning frequent flyer and rewards points. The easiest ones for earning points are Deliveroo and Menulog, while UberEATS will require some extra work. Note also that the UberEATS partnership with SPG will ease on December 17, 2017.

We are ranking the three programs in terms of points benefit from best to worst. While earning points is a simple way to top up your frequent flyer accounts, they are not significant enough in this case to give preference to one delivery network over another. As is often the case, there is no need to be loyal. Just use your preferred delivery company and keep the points as a small bonus.

If you are seeking to maximise points through different avenues, we advise people to join three major frequent programs which is discussed in more detail at Which frequent flyer program should you join?

Affiliated Airline: Virgin (Velocity Points)

Earn: 2 Velocity frequent flyer points per dollar spent, making it the highest earner for takeaway home delivery

Net benefit per $100: 200 points

How to earn points: For each Menulog order, you will need to start by visiting the Virgin eStore and log-in to your Velocity account. Importantly, if you don't follow this first step, you won't earn Velocity points. Once on the eStore, search for Menulog or follow this direct link New Window and log in. Click the Start Shopping button and you'll be redirected to the Menulog site, then order as per normal.

Affiliated Airline: Qantas (it's hardly surprising the flying kangaroo and Deliveroo are partners)

Earn: 1 Qantas frequent flyer point per dollar spent, making it the middle earner for takeaway home delivery.

Net benefit per $100: 100 points

How to earn points: Download or open the Deliveroo App then go to My Account and add your Qantas frequent flyer number. Then order as per normal. Points can take a long time to reach your account (3 months).

UberEATS (and Uber)
Partner: SPG hotel group

Earn: it's not great but you earn 1 SPG Starpoint per US$2. In Australian dollars this equates to about 0.375 SPG/frequent flyer points per dollar. In addition, Uber rides also qualify for these points and you earn double if these rides coincide with a stay at an SPG hotel.

Net benefit per $100: 37.5 points

How to earn points: this is where it gets restrictive and a bit messy. To qualify for this benefit, you must have already completed one qualifying stay at any SPG hotel during the calendar year that you want to link your Uber account to SPG. Interestingly, once you are linked, there is no requirement to continue staying at SPG hotels to keep your Uber account earning points. If you qualify, link your Uber and SPG accounts here New Window.

Be warned though, you need 2,500 Starpoints to transfer your SPG points to a frequent flyer account, and as noted above, Qantas is not a partner airline. However Virgin Australia, Krisflyer and 15 other airlines are available. It means through Uber and UberEATS you'll need to spend around AUD$6,500 before you have enough for a transfer (assuming your SPG account is at zero to start with). As noted above, the partnership between UberEATS and SPG will finish on December 17, 2017.