The best 16 ways to earn Virgin frequent flyer points (part 1)
Virgin Australia's Velocity program allows you to earn frequent flyer points through many different avenues. With all these choices, it can be time consuming to sort through them to find the best options, and some are more lucrative than others. To help you save time, we've put together the 16 best earning options that are the quickest and easiest ways to earn frequent flyer points and other benefits.

This guide is spilt into two parts. The list below contains tips for travel-related products that earn points, while the second part covers options for earning frequent flyer points, without needing to fly.

1. Flying on Virgin
Earning 5 points per dollar spent on a domestic ticket, flying Virgin is one obvious way to earn points. This price-based system for awarding points has merits and pitfalls. If you score a cheaper ticket on a particular route, you'll earn less points despite the distance you are flying remaining unchanged. Then again, if you must pay for a more expensive ticket, you'll earn more. This can see you earning anything from 500 to 2000 points on the same route such as Sydney to Melbourne in economy, depending on how much you pay for your seat.

International flights are more lucrative for points as they are based on distance, but always pay careful attention to the ticket type as some some earn half the rate (or less) of other tickets flying in the same class.

2. Virgin's airline partners
Currently there are 13 partners which all earn Velocity points if you fly on them and quote your Virgin frequent flyer number when booking. This option to pool your points into Velocity helps prevent the situation where small amounts of points end up scattered across multiple airlines. For a full list of airline partners see here new window.

3. StarAlliance flights
Through a rare points transfer system that lets you move points between Singapore Airlines and the Velocity frequent flyer programs, you are able to indirectly earn Velocity points when flying on any of the 27 StarAlliance airlines. For more details of how this works, see Which frequent flyer program should you join? One thing to watch is that several of Virgin's airline partners are also StarAlliance members, so it may be better to quote your Virgin frequent flyer number directly with them (rather than Krisflyer which will see you lose some points in the transfer process). Currently these StarAlliance partners with the ability to directly earn Velocity points are: Singapore Airlines, Air New Zealand and South African Airways. For other StarAlliance members, Krisflyer is the way to pool points indirectly to Velocity.

4. Cashrewards
This is not a points earning option, but it is a way to reclaim part of the airfare when buying tickets on the Virgin site. Cashback ranges from 2-3% and can mean substantial savings on international tickets. For more information see 'The Skim' under Ways to earn benefits when booking Virgin flights

5. Travel insurance
This unavoidable expense can see you earning 3 virgin frequent flyer points per dollar when buying insurance through Covermore. You can also earn 8% cashback. For a rundown of this offer and other travel insurance options to earn points, see Earning frequent flyer points from travel insurance.

6. Car Hire
Hiring a car using Europcar, Thrifty or Hertz will earn up to 3 points per dollar spent. And like other Virgin partners, you can sweeten the deal by earning cashback via Cashrewards. See Triple-dipping to get the most car hire benefits.

7. Flybuys travel
An off-shoot of the Flybuys program, this travel booking service has a basic earn rate of 1 Flybuys point per dollar spent. However there are regular offers where this earn rate can rise to 5x or 10x.

8. Hotels
For hotel bookings within Australia, you can typically earn 3 Velocity points per dollar spent. There are three hotel groups offering a lower reward rate (Qualia, Hilton and Travelodge). However this is more certain than the Qantas system where many hotels earn no points. Internationally most hotel bookings earn points at a flat rate of 600-1000 points. Virgin may not be the best loyalty program for booking a large number of nights, but for short one-off stays it's a good way to extract benefit from hotels that have no loyalty programs or in situations where you won't be earning enough hotel loyalty points to redeem a reward.