The best 8 ways to earn Virgin frequent flyer points without flying
In part two of 16 of the best ways to earn Virgin frequent flyer points, we will be covering 8 ways to earn points where you don't even need to travel or fly to increase your points haul. Some of these perks are quite significant, while some others seem small but the weekly purchases can slowly tip in significant amounts of points over the course of a year..

9. Credit cards
Unless you fly alot on Virgin, points earning credit cards will be the way you earn most of your frequent flyer points. They don't have to be cards with high annual fees either. As we show in Should I get a credit card that earns rewards?, there are zero annual fee cards available that earn up to 1 point per dollar spent. As a side note went, many of the higher end credit cards pay a bonus if you use the card to pay for flights on the Virgin site. Currently the maximum earn rate is 1.5 points per dollar on the premium cards, with a 1 point bonus when paying for flights on the Virgin site. This brings total yield to 2.5 points per dollar on flights.

Based on the Australian annual average spend on credit cards of $18,000, at 1.5 points per dollar, this will earn 27,000 Velocity points. Which is roughly the amount earned on 30 flights between Sydney and Melbourne, or four trips between Sydney and LA.

10. Petrol
There are two different avenues for earning Velocity points from buying petrol. The first is the BP/Virgin partnership where you earn 2 Velocity points per litre of petrol. The other is indirectly through Flybuys at Shell where the yield is much lower at 0.217 points per dollar. For more details see the guide for earning frequent flyer points by buying petrol.

11. Flybuys
Even though Flybuys points can be transferred to Etihad or Virgin, the later provides more flexibility for redemptions across more airlines, including the Virgin partner Etihad. As we noted in Flybuys tips for earning more points, it's not a bad idea to join Flybuys (and Woolworths Rewards) even if you prefer not to shop at Coles. This gives you greater flexibility and allows you to shop based on what suits you, rather than chase points. For those that prefer Coles and other members of the Flybuys group, this is an easy system to increase the yield you gain from purchases. With the right credit card (see point 9, above), the total Virgin points earned at a visit to Coles can rise to 1.93 per dollar spent.

Liquorland is part of the Flybuys program, so you can top up points when restocking your booze. However, we would advise shopping on price and availability, rather than points. If Liquorland meets those criteria, then scan your Flybuys for more points. Before doing so, there are better ways to extract further discounts on alcohol purchase by following [alcohol guide].

12. eStore
Like Qantas and many other airlines, Virgin has an eStore new window where you can earn points with partners if you follow their links. Rates vary widely and it is worth investigating if you already intend on buying from a particular site. However there are a few options we have listed below that warrant more attention as it is not widely known that these partners can earn frequent flyer points.

13. eBay purchases
Buying goods on eBay by using the Virgin eBay link makes it a simple way to earn points in the process. You will need to first click on the link to eBay from Virgin's eStore to earn the points. While Virgin offers the best earn rate for Australian eBay shoppers, it is not the only airline to offer points and a detailed comparison can be found in the article Earning points and cashback by shopping at eBay.

14. Menulog
The recent popularity of home delivery services has seen airlines partner with three of the big services. For Menulog, you can earn 2 points per dollar spent by using the Menulog link on the Virgin site. If UberEats or Deliveroo are also on your list, see the comparison for earning frequent flyer points on UberEATS, Deliveroo and Menulog.

15. OpenTable
If you're planning on heading to a restaurant and need to make a reservation, you can earn 300 Velocity points by making the reservation through OpenTable. It's pretty straight-forward but you will only earn points by using the dedicated OpenTable page located here new window. It has a reasonable list of restaurants but it's not extensive.

Note: If you book directly on OpenTable (without going to the Virgin partner page first) or use the OpenTable app, you will not earn points.

16. Servicing your car
Midas and Kmart Tyre and Auto have a combined total of 300 outlets that offer points for car servicing. The earn rate is not spectacular, and it is therefore not worth specifically using these companies for points if a better deal can be found elsewhere. That being said, if you already plan to use either company, this is a nice way to earn some extra points. Kmart earns points via Flybuys, whereas Midas earns points on regular servicing. For the lowdown on some things to watch, and the points earning options compared, see How to earn frequent flyer points for a car service.