Airline Frequent Flyer Points
The old days of earning frequent flyer points just from flying are long gone. Unfortunately this also means that redeeming those points for your desired flights can also be harder. As the frequent flyer programs squeeze from both these sides, it is possible to tip the balance back in your favour by being more savvy with how you earn and allocate points.

How to Stop Qantas frequent flyer points from expiring
Given the value of Qantas frequent flyer points, it's important to ensure that you don't end up in a situations where you lose them all. Here's how to stop your points from expiring.

Virgin promo code: save up to 10% on Virgin airfares
If you are contemplating a flight on Virgin Australia, there is a simple way to get a cheaper fare by using the Virgin promo code. Plus we show how to double-dip your discounts to earn an even bigger discount.

Is it worth being loyal?
That may seems a strange question to ask on a site that highlights the benefits of frequent flyer programs. However, we show you how being a little disloyal can save money, earn benefits faster and make it easier to redeem points for rewards.

The best 16 ways to earn Virgin frequent flyer points
Virgin Australia's Velocity program allows you to earn frequent flyer points through many different avenues, so we've put together the 16 best earning options that are the quickest and easiest ways to earn frequent flyer points and other benefits.

The best 8 ways to earn Virgin frequent flyer points without flying
How to earn Virgin frequent flyer points without needing to travel or fly. Some of these perks are quite significant, while some others seem small but the weekly purchases can slowly tip in significant amounts of points over the course of a year

Which Frequent Flyer Programs should you join?
Almost every airline has a frequent flyer program and joining them all will see your frequent flyer points get dispersed across multiple accounts with little chance of earning rewards. So which ones should you join without losing access to rewards on major Australian and world-wide airlines?

Five ways to earn benefits on Virgin flights
While Qantas may be the dominant frequent flyer program, Virgin's Velocity offers a good alternative, even for those who generally choose Qantas. There are plenty of ways to increase your Velocity points and get closer top those rewards. We will start with the obvious ways, and drill down to benefits that can help increase the benefits available to you.

Should I get a credit card that earns frequent flyer points?
It's no secret that banks and credit card providers lure customers with promises of free rewards. The ads look enticing with flights, holidays and luxury goods as temptations to use their cards. But it's important to stop for a moment and ask, are credit card rewards programs worth it?