Le Club AccorHotels quick guide
Accor is one of the largest hotel chains in the world including brands such Sofitel, Novotel, Mercure and Pullman. The Le Club AccorHotels rewards program sees most of the brands earning 25 points per 10 Euros spent. Whereas ibis (12.5 points), adagio (10 points) and adagio access (5 points) earn significant less for the same spend. Since we are using AUS$300 per night as a benchmark for earning and redeeming points across all hotel programs, will be using the maximum earn rate of 25 points. However, keep in mind that the budget chains won't earn as many points and it may therefore take longer to qualify for a bonus.

Rather than trade points for a reward night, the Accor program allows you to redeem in smaller bites where 2,000 points earns a 40 Euro (AUD$60) voucher against a future stay. For converting to frequent flyer points, Qantas converts at 1:1 and the minimum needed for a transfer is 2,000. Valuing frequent flyer points at 1 cent each means the voucher is the better value by a factor of 3. For Virgin and Krisflyer, the rates are less generous with 2 Accor points earning one frequent flyer point, with a higher minimum of 4,000.

In brief
Points earned per dollar: 2.5 points per Euro, which is 1.67 per AUD (at $AUD1=0.67 Euro)

Points earned per $A300 night: 500

Points needed for free night at same hotel: 10,000

Number of nights needed: 20

Benefit as a percentage of spend on room: 5% benefit: 14% per night which equates to 2 free nights at $A300 per night and $240 in cash, or $840 in total.

Advantages: free Wi-Fi, options to earn bonus points during promotions. Ability to redeem rewards in smaller denominations to receive a discount on a future stay.

Disadvantages: Le Club AccorHotels points are calculated in Euros. This effectively cuts the earn rate to 1.67 points per Australian dollar. However, since earning and redeeming vouchers are both in Euros, unless the exchange rate significantly changes between staying and redeeming, it will balance out. Points expire if there is no activity in a calendar year.

The Accor program has a high number of stays required at 20 nights before a free night. However, unlike other programs, the ability to quickly earn vouchers allows you way more freedom to get rewards back before having acquired enough points for a free night. At a room rate of $A300, only four nights would be needed before you earn a $60 voucher. However, keep in mind that this translates to an effective discount of 5% and using this voucher means you still need to spend money in order to reap the reward.

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